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*Please check each teacher's website for more specific information on core classes and assignments.
*I have daily assignment boards completed in my classroom every day during A.P.  Students should take a picture with their phones daily, or keep an assignment notebook so that they are up to date on assignments and due dates.

Students should always have their math textbook, three-ring binder, and writing utensils with them for every class.  Carrying a calculator at all times will be helpful too.  Calculators were listed on the supply list.  If you have not been able to purchase one, please try to do so at your earliest convenience.  While Mrs. Loy's classes will not use them immediately, my math class will be.  If you have problems getting one, please let me know and we can make some arrangements for your child to borrow one.
*Please note:  My math class is split between 7th and 8th graders.  Please do not be alarmed if it looks like your student missed an assignment.  Not all of them do the same work.  If an * shows for a grade, and states no count, that means the student was not required to do that assignment.  If some work is incomplete or does not get turned in, the grade book will reflect a 0 and you can follow up with your child on that.

-Students will get a wordly wise (vocabulary) packet every other week.  They will have almost two full weeks to complete the packet before it is graded and a test will be taken on Fridays.  My students are offered a word list and flashcards to be taken home to use as a tool for studying and preparing for WW tests.
-AOW (Article of the Week) will be assigned weekly, with those being due the Monday after they have been distributed.  Students have a week to work on those.  Some students will have some activity supplemental to the AOW.  This will be some other type of reading activity that will practice a variety of skills.  
-It is very important for students to keep up with reading assignments for guided reading groups.  This keeps groups running smoothly and on time, and it is much more successful when everyone can participate in group discussions.

Watch Mr. Conn's website for announcements on test/quiz dates, and any upcoming projects.

Social Studies
Watch Mr. Roberts' website for test/quiz dates, as well as any other important information on assignments and due dates.